Installing Gutted Upper and Lower Intakes

I decided to replace my stock intakes with a gutted upper and lower intake manifold... The upper manifold was welded up on both sides to allow for greater opening up of the inside. The inside was gutted out using a CNC machine, and then finished by hand and sandblasted. The outside was worked over with a belt sander to take down the weld bead to make the surface look nice and smooth. The lower intake ports were opened up with a hand grinder and the dividers were worked into a "knife edge". Installation was simple - after fabricating a pipe for the PCV hose everything just bolted right up. To attach the throttle body I had to use 4 allen head screws because the upper intake had been tapped for use with a 65mm throttle body adapter plate, which I may use in the future.

Here's some pictures:

My engine "before"
The new upper intake - the polished side
The new upper intake - note the PCV tube I made
Engine with throttle body removed
Comparison - Stock vs Gutted
Engine with upper half removed - note intake ports on lower intake
Close-up of installed lower - note intake port size
Lower intake installed
New upper intake in place
"After" 1
"After" 2